The Bill Gates List

Every year I have this goal of reading more non-fiction books. And at the end of every year, I glance of a list of books I’ve read the previous 12 months and think, “Next year…next year I’ll get better.” Of course I’ve yet to be successful in this endeavor.  However, I recently stumbled upon Bill Gates’s personal website and realized that he is an insatiable reader. Of non-fiction, nonetheless! I’m really interested in the books he’s reading since I consider him a great role model with his philanthropy and social change initiatives, so I’ve decided to have a page dedicated to the books I’ve read because I peruse his site. They are books I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards but for one reason or another am glad I did, as they have profoundly expanded my horizons, perceptions, and beliefs. I’m hoping you’ll find something here that does the same for you.

The Cost of Hope (Amanda BENNETT)

Behind the Beautiful Forevers (Katherine BOO)

The Signal and the Noise (Nate SILVER)

How Children Succeed (Paul TOUGH)

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