Month: September 2014

Jeff Koons Exhibit at The Whitney Museum

A month or so ago my friend and I went to see Jeff Koons: A Retrospective at The Whitney Museum in Upper East Side. Not one to really appreciate ‘fine art’ I thought this exhibit was fantastic.  I didn’t care for all the exhibits (such as the vacuums), but when there’s 4 floors of art work, there’s bound to be something to not like.


I found the basketball exhibits to be the most impressive, because of the science that went behind them.  These basketballs are suspended in the center of the tank.  Scientifically, its a mixture of various liquids, but long story short, I call it magic.


This is a real organ fused into an inflatable Hulk.  Pretty badass, no?


Arguably, Koons’ balloon dogs exhibits are his most famous pieces.


Quite frankly this porcelain sculpture, Michael Jackson and Bubbles, scares me.  Look at Jackson’s face; the colors and features remind me of a clown.


Play-Doh.  Totally reminds me of my childhood.


All in all, I was impressed with the expansive body of work.  Admission is $20, which might seem steep, but is worth it (unless you have a corporate discount, which is doubly nifty because not only is it free, but you get to skip the line too).