Book Review: ‘Under A Silent Moon’ by Elizabeth Haynes


Rating:  3 /5

Detective Chief Inspector Louisa Smith has been tasked with investigating two deaths that occurred in the same night in the same village.  Polly has been found murdered on a farm where she works as a groom.  Polly was stunningly beautiful, but had a reputation for being sexually uninhibited, carefree, and wanton.  Barbara Fletcher-Norman lived on the neighboring farm, and the same night as Polly’s death, she is also killed when her car plunges into the quarry.  As DCI Lou Smith investigates, it becomes readily apparent that things are not what they seem, and while no one knows who would kill Polly, many residents of Morden would have motive.

Under a Silent Moon is a departure from Haynes’ previous works.  She draws from her experience as a police intelligence analyst to write this police procedural, and while it is a solid book, it just didn’t wow me.  There were too many story lines, some which were unnecessary unless Haynes is planning on making this one a series.  For example, the Nigel Maitland story was interesting, but did not develop or finish.  Halfway through the book it is somewhat obvious who the murderer is, and therefore the back half of the novel was less interesting.  I did like how Haynes incorporates police reports to drive the plot.

The Bottom Line: Under a Silent Moon is a quick and decent read, but if you’re looking for an utterly fantastic I-can’t-put-down-this-book kind of experience, please pick up Haynes’ first novel, Into the Darkest Corner.  You’ll thank me later.

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