Book Review: Runner by Patrick Lee

Rating: 4.5 / 5

He faced forward and thought, Say antelope if you’re hearing this.
“Antelope,” Rachel said.

I pretty much figured I’m going to thoroughly enjoy Runner after reading those lines, and wasn’t disappointed in the least.  Sam Dryden is a retired Special Forces officer, quietly living his life, which consists solely of figuring out how to go on with life after the tragic death of his wife and daughter.  Out for a run late one night, a young girl, Rachel, stumbles upon him.  She is running away from heavily armed men and needs Dryden’s help.  After evading capture, Dryden realizes that the girl has been help captive because of a special power, and while she has escaped, she can’t remember anything past the last 2 months of her life.  As Dryden helps her unravel her past, they must also stay one step ahead of the people with unlimited resources and motivation to hunt her down. Thrillers and mysteries used to be my bread and butter, but after years of reading solely that genre, I got tired of it, and all the stories started reading and feeling the same.  I picked up Runner because of a few book bloggers I trust enjoyed it, and I am extremely glad I did.  Runner is action packed with enough curve balls to keep the pages turning and the reader guessing.  I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say that it’s only mildly unbelievable, which makes the story scary and fascinating.

In the end: Readers who want a quick and entertaining thriller will enjoy Runner. This is also one of those books you’ll want to read in one (possibly two) sittings so you’ll want to dive in when you have a good amount of time to just sit and read.

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