Book Review: The Theory of Opposites by Allison Winn Scotch


Rating: 4 / 4

In her eyes, Willa Chandler-Gordon’s life is pretty decent-she’s employed in Manhattan and is married to a fabulous guy.  The only thing missing is a child, which she is desperately working on.  So she is surprised when her husband, Shawn, suggests that their marriage needs a break for a couple of months, and actually comes up for rules during their intermission.  Willa is unsure what to make of this drastic change, although according to her self-help guru father, everything that happens is meant to happen, and she just needs to accept for what it is.

Thinking that she needs to reevaluate her life, she agrees to co-author a book based on the hit TV reality show Dare You! with her best friend Vanessa.  In the process, Vanessa also dares Willa to buck the trend of her father’s teachings, and do to the opposite of what she would normally do in an attempt to jump start her life again.

I’ve read every one of Scotch’s previous novels, and The Theory of Opposites doesn’t disappoint.  On the surface, it’s a fun and easy read, but underneath, the themes of the story will resonate with many people.  The vast majority of people go with the flow and oftentimes accept what life has to offer.  It is difficult to be open to change rather than meander along with the status quo.

Willa is a relatable and likable character.  Although there are times when she dithers and is indecisive, it’s understandable given that her relationship with her husband wasn’t nearly as great as she thought it was.  And just like Scotch’s previous novels, The Theory of Opposites is sweet but has plenty of witty dialogue.  Even though The Theory of Opposites is categorized as chick lit, I think it’s smart chick lit.  This book made me look at my life and really evaluate where I’m at.  I took a lot of risks when I was younger, literally bouncing around the continental US to not only find myself, but push myself past my comfort zone, and reading The Theory of Opposites made me appreciate the risks and choices I took.  As a huge Allison Winn Scotch fan, I loved The Theory of Opposites and highly recommend all of her books and can’t wait for what’s next from her.

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