Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Rating: 3.5 / 5

Identical twins Cath and Wren are best friends and each other’s support system.  However, it is now freshman year at college, and Wren wants to room with someone else; she wants to discover who she is besides being a twin.  Cath, however, is having a much harder time adjusting.  Naturally shy and an introvert, Cath has never lived her life apart from Wren. Cath’s life revolves around Simon Snow; she has read every book several times over, has Simon Snow posters and various other paraphernalia, and, most importantly, writes Simon Snow fanfiction.   Outside of her comfort zone and now with a roomie who may or may not like her, Cath is forced to start living her own life.

Fangirl was a cute book, but didn’t really speak to me. I did relate to Cath, as I am naturally shy and am introvert, so I understood Cath’s feelings, and how difficult it is to be in a situation where you’re supposed to make friends when all you want to do is curl up with a good book. Freshman year is tough for the vast majority of people, and even tougher for Cath since Wren has suddenly decided to branch out on her own without her twin sister. But given the length of Fangirl, I felt that some topics were not adequately explained, specifically relating to her father’s problems.  The reader knows that their father is has some problems, but it is not clear what those problems are, or if it was caused by Cath and Wren’s mother leaving.  I found it confusing and unnecessarily complicated the story.

I also wasn’t interested in either the fanfiction or snippets written by Simon Snow creator Gemma T. Leslie. There wasn’t enough to get vested in it, so it came off as random snippets of a random story. I honestly have to say that from the middle of Fangirl onward, I skipped those pages. Overall, Fangirl was decent; I did like Cath and could relate to her, and I did like her budding romance with Levi, but the story as a whole was a bit too long.  I do think people who are/were Harry Potter fans could relate to this story more and would probably enjoy it.

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