Book Review: No Way Back by Andrew Gross

no way

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Wendy Gould had an argument with her husband, and in a moment of spontaneity, goes up to the hotel room of a random guest she just met at the hotel’s downstairs lounge.  Knowing this is a mistake, she backs out, and as she is preparing to leave, witnesses the man get murdered.  Although she escapes, she has left behind evidence of who she is, and is now on the run, for the murderer, who she ended up killing, had a badge from Homeland Security. 

Lauritizia Velez has been hiding in the US for years.  She is a nanny to an affluent couple with two kids, and has never told them the truth about her past.  All of her siblings have been murdered by a notorious drug lord to keep her father from testifying against him.  Nobody knows of Lauritizia’s past, but is it catching up with her, as a random day at the mall ends with an attempt on her life.   Both Wendy and Lauritizia’s fates are tied, and they must work together to clear their names and protect themselves.

No Way Back was not what I was expecting.  It was fast paced, suspenseful, and the plot changed on a dime a few times. I also enjoyed the duality of having the story told from both Wendy and Lauritizia’s points of view.  My only gripe is that the plot was somewhat unbelievable.  As an ex-cop, I expected Wendy to be smarter and make better decisions; it would have made more sense had her previous career been something other than law enforcement.  I think No Way Back makes a good airplane read or lazy summer beach read; the unbelievability aspect turned me off but overall it was a decent book. 

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