Book Review: Tell No Lies by Gregg Hurwitz


Rating: 3 / 5

Daniel Brasher runs a counseling session for recently released ex-cons.  Although he was born into money, he has shunned that lifestyle, preferring a career and life where he can make a meaningful impact in society.  He is surprised when he checks his department mailbox one night after a counseling session, and discovers a death threat mistakenly dropped in his inbox.  Brasher is thrown into the middle of the investigation when the intended recipient is found murdered, and Brasher finds more notes in his mailbox. Brasher and the SFPD always seem to be one step behind the killer, and can’t figure out the connection between the victims.  All that suddenly changes when a death threat Brasher receives is actually intended for him.

I loved the beginning of the book. It was gripping, and I couldn’t stop turning the pages to see what happens next.  However, midway through, I felt that Tell No Lies lost its momentum. It was interesting read, but not one that I felt the need to stay up well into the night to finish.  While the pace picked up at the end, I still felt a little underwhelmed.  Parts of the story, especially the events surrounding Evelyn, felt rushed at the end, and seemed to be put in to make the story a little more timely.  Overall, this was a decent book, but I’d recommend others before this one.

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