Book Review: Unleashed by David Rosenfelt


Rating: 3 / 5

Andy Carpenter’s accountant Sam Willis is pretty good friends with Barry Price.  Price runs successful hedge fund, and invited Willis with him on a private plane trip.  Willis is late, and Price takes off without him, but tragedy strikes, and plane crashed, killing Barry.  Willis pleads with Andy to represent Barry’s wife, Denise, who stands accused of murdering Barry through botulism poisoning, therefore rendering him unconscious and unable to fly his plane.  Surprisingly, Denise suddenly fingers Sam as Barry’s real killer, and now Andy must defend Sam, but knowing that his friend is innocent means that Andy is tasked with finding out who the real killer is.

Andy Carpenter is one of my favorite book characters.  I love his personality and wit, and the series is a great combination of courtroom drama, humor, and mystery.  That being said, I didn’t think Unleashed was the best out of the Carpenter series.  I liked most of it, but then it seemed like somewhere along the way Rosenfelt felt the need to hurry up and finish the book, and last 30 or so pages fell flat and felt rushed.  I’m still not entirely sure who the ‘bad guys’ were, or what their end goal was.  At the end of the day, I think Unleashed relies heavily on the fact that it is Andy Carpenter to carry it through; if this was a standalone novel not starring Andy Carpenter I’m pretty sure I would have been disappointed.  Was I hoping for more with Unleashed? Of course.  But will I still read future Andy Carpenter books? Of course.

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