Book Review: Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan


Rating: 4 / 5

Jim Gaffigan lives in New York City.  This by itself is unimpressive, seeing how the city is home to some 8 million people.  What makes his living situation impressive (and, if you’ve ever lived in New York City, cringe-worthy or awe-inspiring) is the fact that he lives in a 2 bedroom apartment.  With his wife. And their 5 children. Dad is Fat documents his trial and tribulations raising 5 kids in a tiny apartment in one of the busiest cities in the world.  It is hilarious and insightful, and I love the fact that he can make me laugh without using curse words.  I don’t find anything wrong with colorful language, but I think that in this day and age, it is more impressive (and of course, much more rare) to make people laugh without cussing.  I don’t even have children, but found him witty, charming and entertaining. 

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