Book Review: The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes



Rating: 3 / 5

Harper Curtis is a killer who can time travel to hunt down his victims.  The House lets him know who his victims are, and he will visit each girl when they are younger.  When he time travels later to kill them, he leave each of his victims with a memento.  One of his victims, Kirby Mazrachi, fought back, and because she was with her dog, Harper could not stay to make sure she had died before he fled the scene.  He later learns that she had actually survived.  Now, as an intern with the Chicago Sun-Times, she is intent on finding out who wanted her dead, and who his other victims were.

I absolutely loved the concept of The Shining Girls.  The premise is equal parts fascinating and creative, but I did not think Beukes executed the story well.  I loved all the plotlines, and reading the short backstories of each victim, but I think the concept was overly ambitious.  I liked the concept of time travel, but the chapters were fairly short, and with the shifting perspectives and jumping of decades, I felt like The Shining Girls was disjointed.  Also, I felt as if I started this story halfway through.  I didn’t understand where the House came from, Harper’s connection to the House, or why each victim was chosen.

While The Shining Girls was intriguing, I felt like I was merely turning pages waiting for that, “a ha!” moment when everything makes sense, and sadly, never got there.


  1. Ah, that’s disappointing to hear that such an interesting premise got bogged down by lack of details and background info. I may still have to read it, but I’ll try to lower my expectations…

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