Book Review: Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith


Rating: 4.5 / 5

Raisa Demidov is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to America as part of a “Peace Tour” meant to strength the relationship between Communist Soviet Union and America.  Ex-KGB officer Leo Demidov is forbidden from leaving the country, and when tragedy strikes overseas, there is nothing Leo can do besides promise himself that he will undercover the truth of the events on the fateful Manhattan night. 

I knew I was going to love Agent 6 before I even started it.  While Cold War spy novels are generally not my cup of tea, I decided to venture outside my comfort zone by reading Child 44, and am sure glad I did. Agent 6 is the last of the Leo Demidov trilogy, and is as surprising as it is compelling.  I am constantly amazed at Smith’s ability to weave such a tightly knit story with so much action and heart.  While Child 44 and The Secret Speech were set in the Soviet Union, Agent 6 sweeps across multiple continents, from the Soviet Union to the United States to Afghanistan.  It is readily apparent how much research has gone into Agent 6, and I  am thankful for the historical perspective of this novel.  Soviet occupation of Afghanistan is not something taught in many school curricula, so I was fascinated by Smith’s portrayal of both the Soviet army in Afghanistan as well as Afghans who were opposed to the occupation.

Agent 6 was profoundly moving, and I loved the complexities and internal struggles that Leo had, with his country, justice for his wife, and changing loyalties. While the plot is complicated, it is easy to follow, it is also a page turner and a wild ride. I don’t suggest reading Agent 6 as a standalone, but this is also a resounding recommendation to pick up Child 44 and The Secret Speech. Although this trilogy has concluded, I am eagerly awaiting what Smith comes up with next.



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