Book Review: Rage Against the Dying by Becky Masterman


Rating: 4 / 5

Floyd Lynch has just confessed to being the Route 66 killer, giving local law enforcement and the FBI details about several of the killings which were unpublished.  While everyone is relieved to finally see the killer behind bars, Laura Coleman, an FBI agent, thinks the confession is false.  Brigid Quinn, a 59-year-old retired FBI agent and Laura’s predecessor, sees this as closure, for the Route 66 killer’s last known victim was Quinn’s protegee, Jessica Robertson.  When Quinn agrees to view the taped confession per Coleman’s request, she also believes the confession is false.   Since no one else is swayed by the videotape, Coleman and Quinn have to team up to figure out why Lynch is taking credit as the Route 66 killer before the real killer strikes again.

Most crime thrillers I’ve read had a protagonist has a strong manly male, or a sexy but tom-boyish female. This makes Rage Against the Dying different, because retired Agent Quinn is 59 years old. She’s tough as nails with a dry wit, and the fact that she’s not your stereotypical protagonist is refreshing. Her past is colorful and sketchy, and while slightly dishonest, I love the fact that she tried so hard to live a ‘normal’ life and keep her past as an FBI agent away from her newly wedded husband. On top of that, you’d think that as someone who has lived a full life and is considered middle aged, she would have wisdom and experience to help her make good choices, and yet several times she makes decisions which have near disastrous outcomes.  While slightly frustrating, Brigid still is compelling and likable.

There were enough twists and turns in Rage Against the Dying to be enjoyable, and I did like Brigid Quinn.  She’s not really a reliable narrator, but there’s an authenticity about her which I liked, and truly hope that Masterman expands this into a series.

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