Book Review: Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster


Rating: 4 / 5

Seeing as how 2011 was less than stellar, author Jen Lancaster dedicates 2012 to living life the Martha Stewart way, through organization, planning, and a different attitude. Each chapter goes through an event, process, or goal, taking Martha’s advice or executing through Martha’s mindset. Some were a resounding success, and others, less so. Through it all, though, Jen learns that organization and a little planning can go a long way and can make some activities even more enjoyable and less stressful.

I’ve read every one of Jen’s books and in general liked them all. I enjoyed her earlier works more, such as Bitter is the New Black and Such a Pretty Fat, but that’s probably because Jen was writing about difficult personal times and had so much snark and sarcasm I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Tao of Martha is more subdued and has more sadness (I surprised myself when tear started streaming down my face) than any of her other books combined, but it is a sign of maturity.  Overall though, there is much laughter to be had, and it’s always funny to read about other people’s attempts to clean, de-clutter, and do tasks that all of us struggle with everyday.  Added bonus to Jen for including pictures of her amazing pets (those stories are by far the best).

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