Book Review: Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

best kept


Rating: 4 / 5

Best Kept Secret opens with the ruling on whether Harry or Giles will inherit the Barrington title and property.  Lord Chancellor has decided to the liking of both Giles and Harry, for Giles will inherit the land and title, and Harry is free to marry Emma Barrington.  Harry has pursued a career as an author and together with Emma, they have adopted Jessica, Emma’s half sister.  Giles has taken the political career track.

All is not well, however, with the recurrence of Alex Fisher, a bully and arch nemesis to both Harry and Giles.  Also in this installment is the introduction of Virginia Fenwick, a socialite hellbent on marrying into the Barrington fortune. Best Kept Secret also delves into the life of Emma and Harry’s son, Sebastian Clifton.  While I thought the Clifton Chronicles were supposed to be a trilogy and this the last of them, the ending makes me think Archer will continue this series, which has me excited.
I’ve loved all of Archer’s previous works.  His work is not high-brow, but his stories are warm, rich, and intensely engaging.  He’s a master storyteller, and I truly hope this is not the last of the Cliftons and Barringtons.

One comment

  1. The story was very interesting up till the final chapter true to the Archer style but the ending was totally disappointing…. We are left confused and unsatisfied at the end of the novel.Its like left in a string . Not knowing what happened to the main character and to wait for the next novel to know about it .That’s not Archer like . His novels used to have definite endings ie ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ and ‘Kane and Able’ . But this one lost me in the last chapter.

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