Book Review: The Forgotten by David Baldacci


Rating: 3 / 5

Special Agent John Puller Jr. is back in action, this time in Paradise, Florida.  Puller’s father, retired three-star general John Puller Sr. has received a disturbing letter from his sister, Betsy Simon.  Although the letter is cryptic, Betsy has asked for her nephew’s help.  When Puller arrives in Florida, however, it is too late, for his aunt was found drowned in her backyard fountain.  Although the local police have all but ruled it an accidental death, the fact that she has just mailed a letter to her brother makes Puller think that her death might have been premeditated. 

I’m on the fence about the John Puller series.  On the one hand, these books are action packed and somewhat entertaining.  However, Puller is not a very compelling character.  In all honesty, I find him a bit boring.   He’s a bit more interesting than Jack Reacher, but not as interesting or engaging as Scot Harvath or Joe Pike (I’m sure I’ve committed some huge no-no by comparing various characters).  It was a decent read, and interesting enough to keep the pages turning, but I’m not sure that Puller is a strong enough character to warrant more than a single book.  Mecho was actually more interesting than Puller in this book.  I’ve read many Baldacci novels in the past, and really enjoyed his earlier works.  I’m ok admitting that I didn’t enjoy his Camel Club series, but that’s just me.  However, I did read The Innocent last year, and Will Robie was a great character.  I really wish Baldacci would have made Puller a stand-alone book, and Will Robie an on-going series.

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