Book Review: Private Berlin by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan


Rating: 3/5

In the beginning, I loved James Patterson books.  Then he started co-authoring books, and the majority of those weren’t my speed.  However, a couple of months ago I read Guilty Wives Club and was fairly impressed.  All that to say I decided to give Patterson and his co-author du jour a chance and read Private Berlin.  I’m glad I did since it ended up being a great book to read during a blizzard.

Christopher Schneider is an agent with an elite investigation team, Private, at their Berlin office.  Mysteriously, he has disappeared, and his fellow agent and ex-fiancée, Mattie, and the rest of the team are out to find him.  Retracing the days leading up to his disappearance uncovers dark truths about Chris’s childhood, and a past that has come back to haunt him and others.

This book was a fast read and suspenseful.  I know this is the latest installment in the Private series, and even though I hadn’t read the previous ones, I didn’t feel like I had missed anything.  Private Berlin dealt with a specific period of time when horrible things were done to innocent women and children.  Although living in the present and planning for the future are important, it is equally important not to forget the past.

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