Book Review: Market Street by Anita Hughes

market street

Rating: 2 / 5

Cassie Blake is heiress to Fenton’s, an exclusive San Francisco department store.  Her mom has always wanted Cassie to step in and take over for her, but Cassie decided to marry Professor Aidan Blake, be a housewife and volunteer at Edible Schoolyard.  When she discovers that Aidan has been cheating on her, Cassie temporarily moves in with her best friend Alexis, and considers running the food emporium her mother is developing at the basement of Fenton’s.

Market Street is an easy breezy book, and I wanted to like it a lot more than I actually did.  I started out liking Cassie’s character, but as the novel moved along, I ended up being more annoyed with her.  She lacks the capacity to think through her problems, which impacts her decisions-making ability.  And while Aidan of course is highly unlikeable, I felt that James could have been so much more instead of the guy who finds himself in a disastrous relationship and quickly falls for Cassie.

Market Street is a light beach read, but I felt that it didn’t reach its full potential.

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