Book Review: Hannibal and Me by Andreas Kluth


Rating: 3.5/5

In Hannibal and Me, Kluth finds meaning behind both successes and failures of Hannibal’s life, parallels them to other well-known people, and shows how the reader can gleam understanding and insight into his/her own life.

One of the strengths of this book lay in the structure.  Each chapter is a different theme, first how it is exemplified in Hannibal’s life, and then it is paralleled in someone else’s life.  I actually found the profiles of other people more interesting than Hannibal’s life, such as Ernest Shackleton, Amy Tan, Harry Truman, and Carl Jung.

I thought Kluth did a good job of breaking down the various aspects of success; timing (youthful vs mature success), journey (straight road vs meandering), the liberation of failure, and the difference between tactic and strategy.

The only part I am critical about is his imagined conversation between Hannibal and Sosylus. Summarizing the thought process or telling this particular story in the same manner as he unfolds his other Hannibal anecdotes would have been preferred over making up a conversation.  Other than that, I found this book quite enjoyable and interesting.

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