Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan


Rating: 2.5 / 5

**I received this ARC from Doubleday**

Nicholas Young is best man at his best friend, Colin Koo’s summer wedding in Singapore.  He’s convinced his girlfriend of two years, Rachel Chu, to spend the summer Singapore with him, but has failed to mention his family history.  Although Rachel is everything Nicholas could ask for in a girl, she is squarely middle class and grew up in a single family home.  Nick resides on the opposite end of the spectrum.  His family is incredibly wealthy, and intensely private, which only adds to the allure.  It seems like everyone is against Nick and Rachel being together, not just his mother and grandmother, but all single women in Singapore.  When Rachel realizes just how little Nick has told her about his upbringing, she begins to question just how real their relationship is.

Crazy Rich Asians is a decent read if you need to whittle time away, but overall it was predictable.  I almost stopped reading 20 pages in because too many characters were being introduced as once, and they were difficult to differentiate, even with the family tree provided.  And it’s just my personal opinion, but I was turned off by the overly extravagant displays of wealth, pompousness, and shallowness of many of the older characters, such as Nick’s mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles.  And while it is not a reflection of Kwan’s writing, it was difficult for me to get past the content.I also thought the ending was a bit abrupt, but then, if it wasn’t, I’d probably mention that I thought the book was too long, so sometimes you just can’t win.  Crazy Rich Asians is definitely entertaining, but definitely geared towards those who lived for Gossip Girl.  And want an Asian flair.

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