Book Review: The Hit by David Baldacci

the hit

Rating: 3 / 5

I wrote in a past review that I wished David Baldacci would expand the Will Robie series instead of John Puller.  And here Baldacci has written The Hit, and I didn’t love it. I’m beginning to think that Robie is Puller’s long lost brother. Their personalities for the most part are the same, just different names.

Will Robie is the most successful assassin employed by the US, but his latest mission will be his most dangerous one.  The only assassin who is nearly as ruthless and proficient as Will is Jessica Reel.  Reel is suspected of killing her handler, and now Robie has been tasked with eliminating her.  The premise of The Hit is interesting, but I thought the execution wasn’t well thought out.  Jessica’s motives, when they finally were unveiled, seemed flimsy.  I also don’t think the ending resolved the multiple plot lines.  There was plenty of action, but again, I thought the plot was weak.  The Innocent was a much better effort and Robie was actually more interesting in that installment, but that maybe because the dynamics between him and Julie were more powerful and entertaining than between him and Jessica.

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