Book Review: Airtight by David Rosenfelt


Rating: 3.5 / 5

Judge Daniel Brennan is about to ascend to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals bench when he is found murdered in his garage one night.  Lucas Somers of the New Jersey police department received a tip that the murderer was Steven Gallagher, a drug addict who was about to be sentenced by Brennan.  When Somers confronts Steven, Steven has a gun in his hand, and in self defense Somers shots and kills Steven.  Although Steven had a bleak future and had taken one too many wrong turns in life, his older brother, Christopher, a Marine, has always tried to look out for him.  Christopher refuses to believe that Steven killed Brennan, and in an act of brotherly love, kidnaps Luke’s younger brother, Bryan.  The cell Bryan is in has an air supply of only 7 days, so that is how long Luke has to clear Steven’s name and find the real Judge Brennan’s real killer.

Even though this is a stand-alone book, I had to read it because I’m a huge fan of Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter series.  While Somers is not as engaging or funny as Carpenter, I wouldn’t mind if Rosenfelt made this into its own series.  The plot was interesting, and I actually didn’t figure out the end beforehand.  What made it interesting is that people on both sides of the issue were being harmed, so I was intrigued by who was murdering people and why.  And although the book is fairly short (right under 300 pages), Rosenfelt does a great job at character depth and personality.

Airtight is a fast, quick read.  It delivers on suspense and plot, and while it is not the most memorable mystery, it did keep me entertained.  And after reading books such as The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, I needed a book that wouldn’t leave me in tears.

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