Book Review: A Nearly Perfect Copy by Allison Amend

nearly perfect

Rating: 3.5/5

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of A Nearly Perfect Copy from Goodreads giveaway.

Elm Howells works at the auction house that bore her great grandfather’s name, as head of seventeenth- through nineteenth-century drawings and prints. Still reeling from the loss of her son in the tsunami, Elm uncovers a way to use her art expertise to help her cope, not understanding the consequences her choices will have on her marriage, her family, and her career.  At the same time, in Europe, Gabriel Connois has all but floundered in the art world.  As a former Ecole student, he has the talent and the education to be a premiere artist, but has lacked the opportunity to make a name for himself, and the instinct to understand the business side of the art world.  Jumping at a chance to finally earn some money, Gabriel embarks on a plan which goes against everything he believes represents a true artist.  Both stories converge, leaving a trail of destruction and grief affecting those closest to Elm and Gabriel.

I loved the plot of A Nearly Perfect Copy, with numerous twists and turns that kept me wondering, “oh no-what else could possibly go wrong?”  The book is not lengthy, Amend is succinct in getting the reader to understand and empathize with both Elm and Gabriel. While neither character is particularly likeable, it is easy to see how each has become their own worst enemy, and to feel a little compassion for their respective plights.  That being said, some of Elm’s actions are beyond reprehensible, and unbelievable.  While comfortable, both Elm and her husband Colin must both work to support the family.  Therefore, Elm parting with a six-figure sum without her husband’s knowledge was not realistic.

A Nearly Perfect Copy did get me thinking about the value of striving for perfection, the struggle between dreams to reality and coping with loss.   While I had issues with Elm’s character, overall, the book was interesting and I was eager to see the resolution with Elm and Gabriel’s storylines.

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